Basket of imperfect cushions 50% off

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Imperfect cushions are cushions that have not passed through quality control, but are just as functional as our ‘perfect’ cushions. Most of the faults are in the evenness of the curved seams or in the symmetry of the pattern. Sometimes the defect is in the fabric. Sold as is, non-exchangeable and non-refundable.


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Heart comfort cushion for babies, Therapeutic lavender mask, Portative yoga crescent moon cushion, Cat comfort cushion for toddler, Shoulder heating pad, Lavender pouch


Black & white arrow, Lil hearts in pink, Messy dots pink & white, Rainbow, Zig Zag in beige, Boomerang aqua, Sweatheart, Triangles gray & white, Gray hemp & organic cotton, Triangles pink-chaï, Elephants, Turquoise kittens, Off white hemp & organic cotton, Lil hearts grey


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