Made in Quebec, Canada

100% cotton
Light and comfortable


Wear the mask over your nose and under your chin. It must be properly adjusted to be effective. Change your mask if you need to wear it for over an hour. Remove it without touching the inside of the mask and handle it by its elastic bands. Bring an airtight bag with you to store your soiled mask. The mask does not replace crucial preventive measures such as social distancing (2 meters) and hand washing.


Wash in warm water with regular detergent before and after each use.

For hygienic reasons, the mask is not refundable or exchangeable.

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Washable protective mask (with pleats) for KIDS in cotton white ground & Rainbows

4,95 $

The protective mask acts as a barrier by blocking droplets and preventing you from touching your face and mouth. It protects other people if you are a carrier, whether or not you have symptoms.

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