Amma Thérapie

The new generation of therapeutic compresses

Made with natural and organic grains, Amma Thérapie compresses are effective, ergonomic and sustainable. Used hot or cold, they relieve a wide variety of ailments, such as back pain, muscle stiffness, migraines, colic, stomach aches and arthritis. Renowned for their outstanding quality, the compresses are proudly and ethically made in Quebec with a minimal ecological footprint. Trendy and soft to the touch, the fabrics are consciously chosen to appeal to people of all ages.

About us

Amma Thérapie is a family-owned business founded in Quebec, Canada in 2015. Their therapeutic compresses are the fruit of the union between designer Marie-Jeanne Gauthier and her orthotherapist spouse, Sébastien Bolduc. As parents of 3 children, they have had ample opportunity to test their products during everyday use. Passionate about the outdoors and travel, they have crafted a lifestyle in which entrepreneurship goes hand in hand with freedom and family life. The company’s core values ​​include a profound respect for the environment, well-being, customer satisfaction and authenticity.