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Lavender Eye-pillow with storage pouch

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Ideal for the Savasana pose, the eye-pillow promotes relaxation and facilitates one’s focus on their breathing. Its soft lavender fragrance enhances its calming and soothing effect. While it is generally used at room temperature, the eye-pillow can also be heated (to prevent dry eyes and to clear out sinuses) or used cold (to relieve migraines and puffy eyes).


Promotes relaxation and meditation.

Relieves migraines and tension headaches.

Soothes tired or puffy eyes.

Reduces dry eye.

Storage pouch (included)

The storage pouch helps keep your cushions fresh and free of dust when they are not in use. It is also very practical when you travel with your favorite cushion.

  • 100% cotton or 85% cotton / 15% linen canvas
  • Filled with organic pearled barley & dried lavender flowers
  • 8 X 4 1/2 X 1/2 inches
  • 175 grams


Instructions for use:

For relaxation and meditation, use at room temperature.

Cold therapy relieves inflammation, bruising, pain and migraines. Store the compress in a sealed plastic bag in the freezer so that it is ready to be used cold.

Warm therapy relieves dry eye, helps clear the airways during sinusitis and promotes relaxation.

Microwave: Place the mask on a paper towel in a microwave oven. Heat the mask for about 20 seconds depending on the intensity of the oven. Conventional oven: Preheat your oven to 175°F and place the mask on a cooking plate covered with parchment paper. Heat the mask for 10 minutes max. Do not use in a gas oven.

WARNING! Handle the heated compress with caution to avoid burns. Manipulate the compress and move its grains around to distribute the heat evenly. Always check the temperature of the compress before use by placing it on the inside of your wrist. If you want to reheat the compress again while it is still warm, set a shorter heating time. Do not leave a warm mask on the eyes for more than 5 minutes.


Care instructions:

The eye-pillow is not washable in water. It must be protected from dust and stored on a clean surface. You may gently scrub the surface with a damp cloth to clean or remove stains. Avoid using the eye-pillow if you have makeup on your face or after applying a moisturizer.