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Trio Therapy (shoulder pad, square compress and therapeutic mask) organic cotton gray

Original price was: 104,00 $.Current price is: 86,00 $.

The trio allows you to combine hot and cold therapy for a multitude of pathologies. Ideal to give as a gift and to please everyone.

The Amma Therapie shoulder heating pad perfectly hugs the shoulders and neck. The heat relieves tense shoulders, stress, neck pain, torticollis (stiff neck) and also prevents migraines.

With its 4 sections that hold the grains in place, the square cushion is ergonomic and easy to use. As a heating pad, it relieves back pain, stomach aches or menstrual cramps, and warms cold feet. When used cold, it reduces inflammation and relieves migraines.

The therapeutic lavender mask is the perfect choice for ultimate relaxation. Its sweet lavender fragrance is therapeutic. The grains inside the mask allow for hot, warm or cold use. Its comfortable shape covers the eyes, temples and forehead.

Storage pouch (optional) :

The storage pouch helps keep your cushions fresh and free of dust when they are not in use. Made from smooth and eco-friendly fabric, the storage pouch pairs with all our fabrics with ease and simplicity. Its cotton cord allows you to close the pouch and hang it up. It is also very practical when you travel with your favorite cushion.

Washable cover (optional) :

The washable cover is available as an additional option for some of our products. The cover provides extra protection against stains. It fits your compress snugly while being easy to remove when the cover requires a wash. The cover is very practical if you use our cushions for your feet or if the ccompress is shared by different people. The cover is essential for compresses used in a clinical setting.

Handmade with love for your well-being in Qc, Canada

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